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Sarena on choosing a deck

Decks come in various price ranges. It shouldn't be a problem to find a deck that suits your budget. The most important thing is to select a deck that "fits" you and your way of thinking. I have found that one of the quickest and easiest ways to judge a deck is to look at the lover's card. The lover's card can help us to make a good match between ourselves and our prospective deck Think of the lover's card as representing relationships and how we relate to others . When looking at the card be aware of your "gut feeling" How does the card make you feel? Are the images... positive? friendly? ironic? sad? depressing? naive? unrealistic? etc. How does the general mood of the card coincide with your own philosophy of relationsihps in general? If you find a deck that seems "in sync" with your views, I think you will have made an excellent choice. If years (months for you fickle ones..hee hee) down the line, the cards no longer seem to "suit" you (no pun intended) re-evaluate your outlook on relationships. Has it changed? You may find that your attitude no longer matches that of the deck. By no means get rid of it. It's an old friend by now. You should keep it as a reminder of what changes you have had and, who knows, you may need it again soon.


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