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Crown Spread


This spread is good for past life readings. Basically, it can give insight to the background of a person and,thus, their personality and the way it affects their decisions. The cards are laid out as shown in the following example. If a significator is used, it may be placed above the top of the crown cards.

Card One: "where are we now?", this card is used to determine the current attitude of the querent. (proceed downward)

Card Two: This card represents a recent situation, one that has served to put the querent into this particular frame of mind.

Card Three: This card represents the kind of successes/failures,the querent has had in the past in similar situations. It is the "stop and think about it" type card. The querent should take time here to reflect on past actions and consequences of those actions.

Card Four: This card details obstacles or things that, at least for the time being, are unchanging in the querent's life. Things that must be planned around, or in spite of...The querent should not try to change these at the moment, rather he/she should find a way to work around this situation or person/s.

Card Five: These are things that can be changed, obstacles that are at worst, temporary, at best, easily resolved. Things that the querent should concentrate their efforts on to improve or change.

Card Six: This card is one that can represent the best possible outcome for a situation, based on the cards that have already been seen, this can tie in cards 1,2, and 3... Using the pastway that the querent has dealt with problems, this card shows the direction that the querent will most likely take, and the outcome of such a decision.

Card Seven: The other options the querent has. This outcome would occur only if the querent were to change their basic behavior.If the querent wants to badly enough, he/she can put the past situations behind them and make a conscious effort to seek a different outcome. If this outcome is negative, the querent should adhere to their original way of reacting to situations.

Card Eight:A blend of attitudes. The best possible outcome if the querent changes only a few things

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