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Intuitive Tarot Technique:

There are different techniques that a reader may use in order to interpret the Tarot. For the most part, these may be divided into three categories: Intuitive, Definitive and Psychic.

Anyone can use the Definitive technique. This technique requires memorization of the general meanings ofthe Tarot cards and a strict application of these definitions during interpretations. This technique is usually very ordered and very strict. The interpretations are taken at face value. Although this technique has proven to be effective in some circumstances, I don’t think that it is the best way to read Tarot. Certainly an understanding of and knowledge of the meanings of the cards are very important. You couldn’t get along very far without them.

The Intuitive approach is just what it sounds like it might be. This technique uses intuition to guide the interpretations. You might find yourself using this method without even realizing it. You may draw a card that you know to have a particular meaning, yet, at the time you pulled the card, you may have had a ‘feeling’ that it really stood for something else in this instance. That is your intuition coming through. Don’t fight it! Often times, even though it seems silly or strange, it is surprising to find that your intuitive definition is actually more accurate than the prescribed one. Some people would say that Intuitive and Psychic Tarot are the same, but this is not entirely true. It may seem as though a person is being ‘psychic’, when they are actually just being aware. Psychics rely on visions or impressions that they receive from other people, they have the ability to see things or receive feelings from other people. Not everyone has this ability, and it can be argued whether it actually truly exists or not. Everyone has intuitive feelings. Developing them is easy. Just go with what you feel. You’ll be surprised how often you are correct.

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