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Inner Light

Dealing with difficult situations.

Often times we find ourselves dealingwith situations that we are not prepared for, and thus emotionsthat we aren't ready to accept. When things go badly, we wantso much to find a reason for them, rather than looking towardsa solution. We have all experienced periods of darkness. Thisis one of the best times to find our own inner "light".We all have what it takes to get through. It comes from within,given to us by our creator. We sometimes need times of darknessin order to realize just how strong our inner light is. Afterall, we cannot see light in light. Remember when getting a tarotreading that the cards are but a glimpse into what could be. Wehave the ability to change things if they aren't the way theyshould be. This change has to come first from within. When youask someone to give you a reading, keep in mind that what is beingprojected represents the question or situation you asked aboutand ,though read in general terms,...actually refers to but onesegment of your life. Also, be aware that you have the power toalter what is coming. The cards can only reflect what you, yourselfare feeling. They are extensions of your own thoughts and ideas,when those to would another reading done on the samesubject. This is why many times a person may get different readingson the same subject. There is nothing worse than asking for areading over and over and over again on the same subject. Mostreaders will refuse to read on the same topic unless a span ofthree months or so have passed, or a major change has happenedthat may influence the outcome. Otherwise, to keep getting a readingon the same subject again is not good. It should be discouraged.

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