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Purification Ritual

There are times when doing a readingfor a certain person, a reader may discover that they feel "badvibes" coming from this person. If this happens to you, orfor some other reason, you feel your cards may be "tainted".The following is a good purification ritual. It probably has manydifferent names in different societies. I will call it the trialby four elements ritual. The first step is to "seal"in the bad vibes, so that they can later be destroyed. Take thedeck of cards and very lightly ( can't stress this enough..donot soak or saturate the cards, that will ruin them) mist themwith water. (Here your personal choice comes in, some use holywater, purified, deionized, rain water, river water, etc.) Aftermisting the deck with the water, place the entire deck in thefreezer. This will help to trap the badness in the cards. Leavein freezer for 24 hours. Step Two: Find an absorbent material,such as cotton to wrap the cards in. Take them out of the freezerand wrap them with an absorbent cloth. (Make sure that it isnt'something you want to save, it will be destroyed). Bury the clothcontaining the cards in the earth for 24 hours. As the cards "thaw"the cotton or other material will absorb the badness, and actas a sort of conductor, leaching some of it into the earth. After24 hours, remove the cards and destroy the material, by burningit. Step Three: The cards need to be "sealed" This isaccomplished by passing each and every card over smoke or a flame.(Use a candle or some incense). Be sure not to pass the cardsin the flame..just over them. Incense smoke works very well. Afterdoing the entire deck. Go on to step four. Step Four: The laststep is to let the cards air out for 24 hours. You can do thisseveral ways. One way is to spread them all out on a table, orbed..and allow them to get some air circulating. Or you can placethem near an open window..etc. The idea here is just to let themrest and get some air. After completing all the steps, wrap thecards in silk or some non-absorbent material and sleep with themunder your pillow in order to return your "vibes" backto them.


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