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This is a homepage for Tarot and related topics. I hope you will find what you need here. My name is Sarena, I am 33 and have been reading Tarot for several years. I use many different decks and many different card layouts. My interest in Tarot began when I was a small girl living in Quito, Ecuador. There was a lady who came every week to read my mother's cards. I used to sit around the table and watch, fascinated as the images unfolded. I really enjoyed those times, but it wasn't until years later that I began to experiment on my own. I discovered that the Tarot is a brilliant source for self-discovery. Whether one believes in a higher power, or not, the Tarot can be a path or a vehicle, if you will, into our subconscious and can enlighten us in our everyday lives. Tarot has quite a varied reputation.It is often associated with witchcraft or devil worship. (Let me add here that when I say witchcraft, I mean it in a general way, the way most people understand it, and not in the Wiccan sense, which is actually quite different and classified as a religion.) Although I don't doubt that there are people who use the Tarot in this way, this is by no means a fair or substantial representation of the purpose of Tarot. Tarot can be used for "fun",but often you will discover its uncanny ability to ring true. Why? Because all the interpretations are up to you, as the querent (the person asking the question). The reader is there to lay out the cards and help explain their position and associated meaning,but only the querent can properly analyze what the cards are 'saying'to them. In this way, the querent is then the actual "expert"in the matter. The importance is not what the card's "book"meaning might be, but, rather what the querent interprets. This method works almost in the fashion of psychological ink blots. Everyone gets a slightly different meaning out of it. That is not only okay, it is natural and expected. I hope you enjoy this page and if you have any suggestions or contributions, please write to me at: sarena@talisman.netThank you,

Peace be with you,

Sarena "O'the Wasps"

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