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Seven Triplets Spread


The following spread is to be used with regular playing cards. I chose this spread because it is one of the easiest and most general spreads that are commonly used for regular playing cards. If you need general meanings for these cards, please see separate topic called:"Regular playing cards". This spread is called the Seven Fates or Seven Triplets. It requires 21 cards from a regular deck of 52. Shuffle the cards carefully. If possible, have the querent divide the deck into three stacks. (This is done with the left hand for past life readings, the right for future and alternating both for present), if the querent is not present, the cartomancer may divide the deck him/herself. Once you have three stacks. Make 7 groups of three cards...getting one from each pile. The middle stack should be the middle card of each set..and this middle card will be the focal point of all readings. If you have any questions about this spread or want to know about others that can be used for regular playing cards, please feel free to write to me at I appreciate getting comments/complaints/suggestions and any and all types of feedback.

See Diagram below.

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