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One of the most frequent requests is a Tarot Spells section. Tarot spells are similar to other spells. Basically, cards are selected from the deck which are significant to the spell in question.
For example, a love spell would more than likely include the lovers card, perhaps the magician to show the power in a situation, maybe the wheel of fortune, to represent the topsy turvy world of love, etc.
You are limited only by your imagination and none of the spells are set in stone.
Spells are most effective when they are created by you, with your particular situation in mind.
There are basic steps that you can follow, but again, these are not necessarily set in stone.

Steps for spells.

You really should be familiar with the basic meanings of
the tarot cards in order to choose the cards which have the most to do with
your particular situation. There are several books which can help you to
familiarize yourself with card meanings.
You would probably choose anywhere from 3 to 7 cards. However many you think would be needed.

I want to emphasize that these spells are not "magic" spells, nor are they
intended to produce "magical" results. I assume you came to this page, or
would begin a spell, because you have realized that you have the ability,
that you have been given the power to change certain situations in your life.
A tarot spell, is then, a form of meditation. A way to concentrate on what
it is you really want. You would be surprised to find the sort of things you
come up with. They will work, because your attitudes will guide them, your
thoughts will help you make the right decisions.

Most spells or meditations
rely on rituals which make the meditation exercises more effective by helping
to set the mood. The right mood can be set in many different ways. Do you
want to gather beautiful things around you? Flowers, scented candles, a
picture of a loved one? Or do you want to get down to basics. (A white
sheet on a bare floor, perhaps one small candle, or no extra lighting at all)
It really all depends on you and your own particular personality. You have
made things happen before. Remember the times when you were a child and
could believe in anything? Try to regain that faith. It is unfortunate that
as we grow up, we begin to lose our child-like wonder and expectations. We
can regain those things, the world has not changed that much, and you CAN
make a bad situation better. You have only to believe. Believe that you can
do it, that those around you can help, and above all, that there is someone,
or some being looking out for you, but you must act.

1. Find anywhere from 3-7 cards to represent what you'd like to accomplish.

2. Choose a time to work the spell when you won't be interrupted, where you might meditate in peace.

3. If you'd like, choose some props to help in your meditations. These can be as simple or as ornate as you'd like them to be.

4. The best way to begin is by sorting through the cards you have chosen. Try to put them in order of importance, the first card being the least important one. Lay that card down and say out loud, something along the lines of.."I have chosen this card, the ace of swords, because for me, it has always represented power and accomplishment, and I want to accomplish many things." (you would then proceed in this same manner)
Next, I have chosen the fool, because it represents a worry free spirit and I know I must not worry about what I cannot change" Next, I choose the lovers, because I know that there is someone for everyone out there and I want to find my "other half".
"Finally, I choose, what is most important to me, the death card, because I need to put to an end, all the negative in my life and have a re-birth of ideas and feelings."

5. Once you have finished meditating, you may close the spell by blowing out a candle, thinking quietly, doing a little dance, whatever you feel like doing to end it.

*NOTE, I recommend that you look through the cards and choose the cards that stand out in your mind, don't analyze why you are choosing them until you get to the point in the spell where you are ready to declare your reasons. The very spontaneity of the situation may prove a pleasant and eye-opening experience.

As with anything you find on this page, if you have any questions, comments, or just want to share some thoughts, please feel free to drop me a line.

**NOTE 2: I get the most email from this section. If you have a question on technique, I can help you. If you are writing to ask me how to get your boyfriend to leave his wife and children, I should think our energies can better be spent in other ways. You must personalize your own spell.

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