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The Fan Spread (El Abanico)

This is a good spread for doing a more detailed reading than the Celtic Cross spread, yet still using a general question, or a general life reading. It uses 11 cards.The diagram is shown Below.

Card One: This card is laid directly on top of the significator card, if such a card is used. I personally, do not use one, but if you do, then lay it horizontally beneath card number one. This card tells you the current situation, the basic energies and happenings that the querent is dealing with at the moment.

Card Two: This is a recent past situation that can help us to understand why the situation is currently like it is. It can give insight to the querent's character as well as the way they have handled different situations in the past.

Card Three: This card represents a past attitude, that of the querent. This along with card two, can give insight on the usual "modus operendi" of the querent. This is a good time to stop and analyze those actions in the past. Have they helped or harmed? Do they need to be changed or adapted to new situations?

Card Four: This is the card of hope and probability. This card helps to tell us where the situation is taking us, it also offers hope for a way out of a bad situation. Read this as a "coming soon, likely to occur" card.

Card Five: This card is called "the pinnacle". This is the best that can be expected from the situation if things continue in the way they are going. If this card is good, then the querent is already on the right step, and should continue the same path. If it is bad, this is the time to decide whether the effort is worth the possible outcome.

Card Six: With major changes, this is what you can expect for the querent.

Card Seven: What must be done: This card can help put the querent in the right direction, if he/she is currently not happy with what is going on. It would be good to study this as a 'backup' plan, even if the current situation is going the right way.

Card Eight: The person(s) who can help the most. The card found here should represent someone in the querent's life, either currently or in the near future that can aid the querent with his/her problem.

Card Nine: The next three cards are the reserves, in other words, what the querent will have to work with. Card nine represents the querent's true desires. This is a good place to evaluate if what the querent wants is really what he/she needs.

Card Ten: This represents hindrances or other obligations the querent has to deal with. These can be very important in helping the querent realign his/her priorities.

Card Eleven: What we can finally expect. The final outcome, based on all the querent has to deal with currently.

Notes: Querent refers to the person asking the question.

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